Welcome to ┬áChapter 1 of the Blogging for Income series. A truly awesome way to make passive income is to create a niche website. A niche site is a site that targets a specific market demographic. For example, this site, Awesome40s.com is a niche site that helps men in their 40s become more awesome. I can tell you right now that you can’t make money overnight by blogging. But with a long term goal, a good plan and persistence you can definitely make passive income from an internet business. It’s challenging, fun, you can work on it wherever and whenever, and best of all, you are your own boss!

We wanted to create this Blogging for Income series to help you get started with your own niche website business. We provide this information for free. We do have some references to websites that we use via affiliate links. Affiliate links allow the target website to track visitors to their site and they know which site has referred the visitor. If the visitor makes a purchase, the referring site earns a small commission for the referral. This is one way to earn money online and we will be teaching you how to setup your own affiliate links.

The first step in creating your online business is to find a suitable market niche. I recommend you start by researching topics that meet one of the following criteria:

  • something you are passionate about – this could be a hobby, a sport, type of business or anything that drives you
  • something you fear – believe it or not, writing about something you fear is very healing and can actually help to overcome the fear as you learn how to beat that fear as you learn more about it

Spend some time brain storming and write down 5 fears and 5 passions. Sit quietly and think about what you have written down and you will find yourself leaning towards one of those topics.

Next, you need to do keyword research. The software we use is called Market Samurai. It is a powerful tool that allows you to enter a keyword and it will provide you with a wealth of information about how popular that keyword is on the internet and how many sites there are that use that keyword. This information is crucial to know before you start your niche website. For example, you might be interested in dogs. But Market Samurai tells you that there are 23,000,000 websites that talk about dogs. So that keyword would be a no-goer. But let’s say you’re interested then in dog grooming. And you find that there are 400,000 sites about dog grooming. And then when you narrow it down to your area you find that there are only 3 sites in your region related to dog grooming. OK, this sound like a possible market niche if you want to provide a niche site about dog grooming in your area. To get started, you can download a free trial copy of Market Samurai.

In Chapter 2, we will talk about how to use Market Samurai to search for keywords and read the resulting data.

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