So what is Awesome40s all about?

Awesome40s is the brainchild of two brothers Jason & Johnny. For a long time we have discussed a lot of interesting topics and recently found ourselves talking about problems and issues that are usually reserved for guys over 40. At the time the Awesome40s website was conceived, Jason was 43 and Johnny was 39. Recently Johnny turned 40 and got together with good friends to celebrate. Over a few awesome nights we drank whiskey and port, smoked the odd cigar and pondered life and what it means to be 40. After talking to friends we realised that a lot of guys who reach this milestone have similar questions and issues and so we decided to start a blog about being 40-something and how to live more awesomely.

The site is about helping 40-something year old guys who find themselves thinking a bit more about life and where they are heading. Thinking things like:

  • Wow, 40 really snuck up on me! What now?
  • Is it time to do the dreaded prostate test?
  • Do I need to start thinking about eating better?
  • What happened to my plan of retiring at 40?
  • What changes can I make now so that I can retire at 50, or worst case 60?!
  • Man, I’m tired lately, what gives?
  • Oh no, we’ve become that ‘we only do it once a month’ couple! How did this happen and does she care?

These are just the sort of questions that is here to answer. We are committed to helping guys like you (and us) make our lives better – no, not better – AWESOME

Guys in their 40s have a unique set of problems and questions and this site aims to answer them. It is a community site – the more you share and contribute, the better is will be. So thanks for stopping by and enjoy your time hanging with a few like minded chaps.



…is to provide quality advice and useful information to guys in their 40s. Of course this doesn’t exclude younger or older guys but our vision was to have a site where likeminded guys can freely discuss ideas, health, life problems, books, movies, cool things they have discovered and a lot more.

PS As it turned out, there was a bit of a surprise twist in store for Johnny on his 40s journey. Read on….